DJI Phantom P3-STANDARD Quadcopter Drone Review

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DJI Phantom P3-STANDARD Quadcopter Drone Review

Quality drones are a must if you want to take exquisite aerial photography and videos. The DJI Phantom P3-STANDARD Quadcopter Drone is here to answer your needs when it comes to aerial footage.

The Phantom’s image and video-making features are high-quality, and the flight features and long battery life allow you to find the best location for any photography project.


  • Includes free DJI Go application for viewing live images from drone to tablet or smartphone
  • Has GPS-assisted flight features for better image quality
  • Get high-tech camera perspectives with modes like Point of Interest, Waypoints and Follow Me
  • Capable of flying up to 25 minutes with smart battery
  • Includes 1 battery, charger, 2 complete sets of propellers, radio controller and 8 GB micro-SD card
  • Takes striking 2.7K HD videos and 12 MP images with built-in aerial camera


The Phantom P3-Standard is an upgrade from the previous Phantom 2 and sports a smaller controller with a bigger range of features and buttons. It also includes an internal battery, so users won’t have to carry additional batteries in case the drone runs out of juice.

The transmitter includes buttons for taking pictures and videos, and it also allows you to modify camera settings plus changing flight modes. It also includes a clip so users will be able to hold their tablets or smartphones for First Person Viewing.

The presence of a Return to Home button allows users to bring the drone back to any point where it took off.

As with many drones, this model includes LED lights positioned beneath every wing so that users can easily track them while flying in low-light settings. The propellers can be attached easily since the motors and rotors are color-coded to guarantee proper installation.

In terms of stabilization, the model performed excellently in my opinion. The Phantom P3-Standard is provided with DJI’s superb gimbal technology, whereby the camera can be positioned effectively throughout the course of the flight.

This guarantees zero wobbling while recording your videos and images, enabling you to take even the most challenging aerial shots in the easiest, most hassle-free manner possible.

Inside the model are 3 brand new visual and ultrasonic sensors. Their purpose is to skim through the environment and determine its position so that it can move precisely without utilizing GPS.

If you are fond of flying your drone through taller structures and thick forests, the GPS may prove to be useless. In cases like this, a VPS will be more helpful since it will let the drone sustain its position and altitude without the possibility of it crashing.

Meanwhile, the model also includes a number of free applications that users can utilize while playing with the drone. The Live Map lets users track down the drone no matter the location.

The Video Editing Software assists users in documenting favorite footage within seconds. The Flight Logs provide data for past flights, duration, and access to any earlier images or videos.

Finally, the Interactive Flight simulator provides users with the capability to rehearse their flying skills virtually.

The drone is also user-friendly, so it is a great purchase for beginners. Users might feel daunted to try it, but its technology makes flying the aircraft a breeze.


Users may be intimidated by its market price, as this is not exactly the most affordable model in the business. There were also a few customers who complained that it lacked advanced flying modes, and its design can still be improved.


Is the DJI Phantom P3-Standard worth its hefty price tag? It is worth the investment! It’s packed with features, very easy to control, stable and sturdy, and features technology for amazing photography.

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