Holy Stone UDI U818A RC Quadcopter Review

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Holy Stone UDI U818A RC Quadcopter Review

Drones are one of the hottest trends in tech gadgets these days. Due to the popularity of drones, the market now offers lots of models with a great selection of features, prices, and colors.

For this review, we are going to talk about what makes Holy Stone’s UDI U818A RC Quadcopter a popular choice for many enthusiasts.


  • 6 axis control for easier flying
  • Can fly for up to 9 minutes
  • Can be managed from a distance of up to 30 meters
  • Powered by a 3.7V LiPo battery
  • Has battery charge time of around 120 minutes
  • Has built-in camera
  • Transmitter includes LCD display


The UDI U818A remote-controlled quadcopter is capable of shifting directions in an instant due to the steady maneuverability of multi-axis flight control function. But even the best pilots have bad days, so the propellers are covered with a ring-like structure which protects the flight mechanisms even if the device runs into a tree.

You can take the model for a spin both indoors and outdoors, just be aware of wind conditions which can cause complications for outdoor flight.

A built-in video camera comes with the drone and the output is recorded to the micro-SD cards. To control the functions of the device, you can use the remote-control transmitter, which allows pilots to take both still images and videos over the course of the drone flight.

The LiPo battery included allows you to take advantage of this amazing feature by providing up to 9 minutes of flight time. But, if it runs out of juice, you can charge it by means of a USB cable connected through a notebook or laptop.

Aside from the usual flying motions of a drone, this model can also perform 3D rolling action. However, the 3D maneuvers that the model can perform are basic since the drone preserves stability and responsiveness during flight.

With enough practice, users can try flying the drone from one loop to another at a time, rather than just once.

The drone uses 2.4 GHz transmitter which gives the pilot better control over a longer distance. Because of this technology, it also provides fast response, formidable anti-interference capabilities and reduced power consumption.

The 2.4 GHz radio system is now fast becoming a standard for most remote-controlled aircraft devices, and this leads to a decrease in interference, legal problems, and stable radio transmission, giving pilots increased transmission distances.


The UDI U818A sure has its benefits, but there were some complaints from customers as well. For starters, this is only an entry-level type drone, which means it will fit the needs of beginners but not experienced hobbyists.

Several customers were not satisfied with the overall battery life of the model as well, suggesting that 9 minutes was too short. If you want high-res pics and videos, you will not get them from this model.

Lastly, there were also customers who complained that the manual included was not helpful.


The UDI U818A from Holy Stone is a great option for beginners since as it has all the features that allow drone newbies to practice their skills. The model has user-friendly controls, is capable of flying very well and is quite durable—its propellers are protected so it can withstand some abuse.

It has lots of options as well, plus you can operate the device straight out of the box. It’s worth buying if you want to learn to fly a drone as a beginner.

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