The Best Drones Under $200

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The Best Drones Under $200

Are you looking for the best drone under $200? Well, this drone review guide is for you. We will look at budget drones that are easy to operate and can be serviced at home. Flying drones is a great way to spend your time, especially if you have an interest in taking aerial videos. The following three are among the best drones under $200 that come with awesome features.

Potensic Premium X5C-1 RC Quadcopter

Are you captivated by drones but only look for an inexpensive fun time play toy? Well, the Potensic Premium X5C-1 RC Quadcopter is one of the most renowned and well-made drones with some pretty high-tech features. Can handle more crashes than your standard drones, thanks to its protective layer. Let’s look at some other features that are included:


  • No FCC registration required: You do not need to register this drone with FCC to fly it. That is an awesome feature if you are a hobbyist and just want to start shooting aerial videos immediately
  • One-key 360° roll: The one-key 360° rolling feature makes this drone an awesome flying machine. This drone is easy to control and can roll multiple times
  • 6-axis precise hovering: This drone is equipped with a 6-axis precise hovering feature that enables it to balance with ease at different angles
  • 1-year warranty: The 1-year warranty ensures that you can fly this drone for a full year. If it fails due to manufacturer defect, you can get a replacement
  • Spare rotor blades: This drone comes with spare rotor blades. You can therefore replace those that come with the drone as soon as they wear out
  • Quality camera and 4 GB storage card: The quality camera with a 2MP resolution is great for shooting video and photos that can be posted on video sites such as YouTube. The videos are stored in the 4GB Micro SD Card while flying
  • Batteries and charger: The Li-Po batteries come with a charger. You do not need to buy batteries separately to run this drone
  • Frequency spread spectrum: This drone uses several frequencies to help it avoid interference with other drones or remote-controlled equipment


  • This drone is easy to control
  • Well priced for it features
  • Light in weight
  • It comes with spare rotors
  • It has a battery and charger included


  • The drone heats up after about 2 to 3 flights
  • You need to allow the drone to cool to prong its life

Tokky Bugs 3 Quadcopter

The Tokky Bugs 3 Quadcopter is a ready to fly sport flier and is also considered one of the best photography drones for entry level enthusiasts. Flight time is estimated between 18 and 20 minutes.  It’s also perfect low lighting conditions, due to its LED lights which are strategically positioned underneath the motor arms. Definitely one of the best drones under $200.


  • Brushless motor: The Tokky Bugs 3 Quadcopter comes with a brushless motor that eliminates excessive heat production; this prolongs the drone’s life and lengthens battery life by as much as 50%
  • Two-Way 2.4GHZ communication: The Tokky Bugs 3 Quadcopter uses the 2.5GHZ band to offer long-range communication. You can fly this drone from a distance of between 300 to 500 meters without losing control
  • High-capacity battery: The high-capacity battery means the drone can fly for longer and keep recharges to a minimum. That also lengthens battery life because recharging wears down the battery cells
  • Independent ESC: Electronic stability control enables this drone to fly securely even when it goes out of communication range. That helps to prevent hard crash landings in case of communication breakdown. It also makes flying quite easy
  • Spare rotor blades: You get spare blades that can be used when those that come with the drone fail. Spare blades are important if you need to continue flying your drones
  • USB charger, charger cable, and protection frame: The drone comes with two cables to make recharging the drone’s battery easy, as well as protection frames that protect this drone when it crash-lands
  • Camera mount: The Tokky Bugs 3 Quadcopter comes with a camera mount which securely mounts cameras such as a GoPro. That means you can take super quality shots any time you want


  • This drone is easy to fly and control because of its independent ESC
  • You can charge the drone with a USB cable or charger cable
  • The higher battery capacity allows the drone to fly for longer
  • The drone has a camera mount that can mount all types of cameras
  • This drone can be flown within a radius of 500 meters from the RC
  • For its price and features, it is one of the best drones under $200


  • The bigger capacity battery takes longer to recharge
  • It is not equipped with an inbuilt camera

Kolibri Delta-Recon Quadcopter Drone

The Kolibri Delta-Recon Quadcopter Drone is a quadcopter drone intended for strategic use in mind. Meaning, it can reach high levels and take images via its onboard camera. This drone is perfect for those who wants to reach certain heights but still take quality images at the same time. Thanks to the 720p camera, it is ideal for taking high quality images.


  • FPV stream: The first-person view feature of this drone makes it awesome for taking surveillance footage. If you have a project you need to inspect, this drone will come in handy
  • Burnout protection: Burnout protection helps to prevent the rotors and motors from getting damaged. You will not have to worry about damaging the drone’s motors again
  • Onboard HD camera: The onboard camera gives you the ability to capture high-quality images. HD videos and photos are precious when it comes to aerial photography; they give more details when zoomed in
  • Offers 8 minutes of flying: The Kolibri Delta-Recon Quadcopter drone can fly for a maximum of 8 minutes
  • It comes with a spare battery: The spare battery makes it easy for you to fly this drone for a longer period. It effectively doubles the flying time to 16 minutes before you have to stop flying, and need to recharge this drone


  • You can take high-quality photos using the drone’s inbuilt HD camera
  • The drone features burnout protection. The burnout protection is a safety feature for its motors
  • A spare battery doubles the time you can fly this drone before recharging
  • The FPV feature enables you to stream live video to your smartphone using the drone’s Wi-Fi connectivity
  • You do not need to register this drone with the FCC to start flying it


  • The drone flies for shorter time compared to other drones under $200
  • You need to have at least 3 batteries to fly this drone for over 20 minutes before stopping to recharge it.


There are many drones under $200 that you can buy; however, you need to know what you need most and check if it is included in the drone’s features. Some have better cameras, while others offer you the ability to stream videos as you fly them. Other budget drones can be flown for over 20 minutes before they need recharging, while others have a bigger RC flying radius.

The best features to look for is FPV, longer drone flying time, motors that run cooler, and independent electronic stability control, and a bigger RC flying radius. The Kolibri Delta-Recon Quadcopter Drone is ideal if you need to take a high-quality surveillance video. We hope this guide has been informative and you now have a better understanding of the best drones under $200.

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