Top 5 Great Camera Drones

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Top 5 Great Camera Drones

Drones were developed in the beginning as a military tool for surveillance and reconnaissance activities but were soon launched to the public as toy and hobby versions for consumers. Due to constant upgrades and advancements made in drone technology, it is now possible for enthusiasts to take high-quality images and pictures.

Drones vary widely in terms of features and pricing. Generally, the more features a model has, the higher its price on the market.

Fortunately, today’s affordable camera drones now have high-definition camera and FPY set-ups, and most of them operate excellently too for their price. Check out some of the models here if you want a drone that will cater to your budget.

UDI U818A HD+Quadcopter

This is a good option for an affordable camera drone. It has HD camera, 6-axis gyro stability, and a return home function. Due to its light weight, this model does not need registration with the FAA.

The package includes 2 additional Li-po batteries, and the charging time takes around 90 to 120 minutes. Flight duration clocks in at 7 to 9 minutes.


  • Control distance of roughly 30 meters
  • Light at 1 pound
  • Removable 4 GB micro-SD card
  • 4GHz 4 channel transmitter, including LCD screen which shows complete flight status
  • Includes 2 joysticks
  • Has instant 360-degree roll button
  • Video resolution upgraded from 280 to 720 at 30 frames per second

DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Drone With WiFi Camera

If you want to play around with partner applications, then this model is for you. The MJX X400W FPV Drone includes a 3D Split-Screen display which you can utilize as a VR headset.

The model does not need to get FAA registration, as it is light at under 1.6 pounds.


  • Has 100 meters control distance
  • Supports both iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Has headless mode for beginners
  • Includes 4 propeller blades
  • Has 8 to 9 minute flying time
  • Takes 120 minutes to recharge
  • Has 3.7 V 750 mAh LiPo drone battery
  • Has 3x AA transmitter battery

U28W FPV Drone with HD camera

An excellent budget choice for a camera drone that can be used with smartphones and tablets. This model is also user-friendly is suitable for a beginner.

Furthermore, it has features that you would normally see on lots of high-end drones.

It has an altitude hold function which makes it a breeze to fly—you won’t have to worry about the drone moving up and down. It also features 1-touch takeoff and landing, and users can arrange a customized route for it too.


  • Has wide-angle HD camera that produces 720 HD images and videos
  • Compatible with FPV and VR headset
  • Has 1-touch takeoff and landing
  • Users can program customized routes
  • Includes 4 additional propellers
  • Has 2.4 GHz controller
  • Includes micro-SD card reader

X5C RC Drone with HD Camera

If you want to shoot movies or take pics with great quality resolution outdoors, then you may want to check this one out. It does not need FAA registration, includes a microphone, and has received a number of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

It has a headless mode which minimizes the likelihood of the drone dipping and flying.


  • Forward-facing model with fixed 2 MP HD video camera
  • Includes 2 GB micro-SD card
  • Has 6-axis gyro stability for countering wind resistance
  • Can do 360-degree flips
  • Has sturdy, powerful motors for more effective, longer flights
  • Includes 2 longer-life batteries which can be charged in place

H6 Quadcopter RC Helicopter

This model includes a quality HD camera and has wind resistance capabilities too for better images and videos which can be recorded to the SD card. It is a portable drone at 5.25 x 5.25 inches and also includes crash guards.

It has strong, efficient handling so beginners can easily learn how to handle a drone.


  • Has 720P HD camera
  • Records videos and images to SD card for viewing later
  • Has user-friendly controls that will accommodate beginners
  • Includes 2.4 GHz spectrum flight
  • Portable and convenient

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